Children of Arrowyn

In the poorer area of Phlarenloch’s Reach, a mysterious figure (reportedly a lizardman) arrived (c. 3011) and set up a modest temple to a goddess known as Arrowyn. The temple preached the word of Arrowyn, but also provided food and entertainment to the otherwise hungry and bored masses.

At one point, the great god Arrowyn appeared herself and fought off a black dragon that threatened her temple.

During the otherwise turbulent times for various churches, the Temple of Arrowym abruptly closed down and the lizardman cleric told the faithful to turn their worship to Karun, the god of vermin. While many obeyed, and while the Church of Arrowyn was disbanded, some of those who benefited from Arrowyn’s generosity founded the “Children of Arrowyn,” a benevolent society dedicated to upholding the ideals of free food and entertainment for the poor (and otherwise fighting to help the poor in an uncaring society, etc.).

They solicit donations and use the proceeds to help those who hunger or those displaced by disaster. And they regularly hold revels with mediocre entertainers performing for free to the delight of a crowd that lakcs the sophisticated discriminating tastes of the richer parts of town.

Children of Arrowyn

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